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Tips for Clearing XML Validation Errors in GoSystem Tax RS

CS Tax & Asset Management Solutions February 20, 2014

Modernized e-files (MeF) will display any XML validation errors that need to be cleared in order to qualify and submit your returns. Here are some tips to help you clear those errors and determine what they mean.

Go-To Functionality

For many XML errors, Go-To functionality has been added to assist in locating the source of the issue. To enable Go-To functionality, follow these steps:

  1. Open the client’s return.
  2. Create the electronic file.
  3. Do the following to create the validation file.
    • For 1040 returns: Navigate to Electronic Filing > 1040 Returns > Electronic Filing Processing Options, click the Review/Status tab, and click the Create Validation File button.
    • For 1120 returns: Navigate to Organizer > Electronic Filing > Step 6 – Generate Validation File.
    • For 1065 returns: Navigate to Organizer > Electronic Filing – Return > Step 6 – Review e-File Diagnostics, and click the Create Federal Validation File button.
    • For 1041 returns: Navigate to Organizer > Electronic Filing > Electronic Filing – Return > Electronic Filing Processing Option, and click the Create Validation File button.
  4. Once the Validation file is generated, choose View > Diagnostics. In the Diagnostics window, you can view federal, state, and city diagnostic messages.
  5. Double-click a diagnostic message to go to the screen to correct the diagnostic.

Each Validation error indicates the Form, Description, and Action Needed to clear the error.

  • Form – Shows the form number, schedule, or statement name where the error is found.
  • Description – Provides a brief description of the issue.
  • Action Needed – Provides a basic solution to the error.

Note: The Go-To functionality is also available for many state returns.