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UltraTax CS Client Organizer Delivery Methods

CS Tax & Asset Management Solutions November 19, 2013

After you proforma client data into 2013 UltraTax CS, you can prepare professional tax organizer packages for your 1040 clients using UltraTax/1040 Client Organizer. If you’re licensed for UltraTax/1040 Client Organizer, it’s automatically installed when installing UltraTax/1040. 

UltraTax/1040 Client Organizer offers five ways to send tax organizers to your clients and to retrieve the completed organizers from your clients (including the convenient Web Client Organizer). Depending on each client’s need, you may choose the delivery option that is most suitable. Delivery options include the following.

  1. Web: The web organizer enables you to provide an online organizer to your client through a secure NetClient CS portal. You can then import info from the completed organizers directly into the client’s returns in UltraTax CS (only the accepted imported info is included in calculations). 
  2. Web-Print Only: This delivery method offer your clients the ability to do a “print only” version which they can download from their Net Client CS portal to manually edit the proforma’d data, add new data on organizer pages, complete the organizer questionnaire, include notes and questions for you, and then mail or fax the email client organizer pages back to your office or bring it in on their appointment date. Use this option for clients that prefer the more secure delivery via the portal than sending the PDF via email. This option also allows the client continual access to the PDF version and may reduce calls to the firm to have the email resent when it was lost.
  3. Email (PDF): This method sends the organizer as a PDF attachment via e-mail for your client to print and complete manually. Your client can return the completed organizer by mail, fax, or by scanning into PDF and sending via e-mail.
    • Note:  The above option is designed to work seamlessly in conjunction with e-mail applications that utilize Messaging Application Programming Interface (MAPI), such as Microsoft Outlook. Use the File (PDF) method (below) if not using a MAPI-compliant e-mail application.
  4. File (PDF): Use this option to print the organizer to a PDF file and store it in the location specified. If your email programdoes not support MAPI, you can manually attach this file to an email message.
  5. Paper: Select this method for clients requesting a printed organizer. Clients then complete the organizers and mail or fax them back to you. Alternatively, clients may choose to scan the completed organizer and send it as an attachment via e-mail. 


For more info on Client Organizer and on the client organizer delivery methods, see the following article on our user-friendly Help & How-To Center:

To access the Help & How-To Center directly from UltraTax CS, hold your CTRL key plus the letter Y. You may also click the Help icon UltraTax CS Help from the toolbar of UltraTax CS.