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UltraTax CS E-Filing Resources and Reminders for 2016

CS Tax & Asset Management Solutions February 2, 2016

UltraTax CS® E-Filing Resources

We’ve worked closely with our customers and the IRS to make UltraTax CS one of the most comprehensive and powerful tax preparation applications available.

Below are some links to resources that will help you prepare for e-filing this tax season.

UltraTax CS E-Filing Reminders

Historically, the week before a deadline is the highest transmission period for returns and extensions for the IRS. During this period, transmissions and acknowledgments may be delayed.

We recommend that preparers transmit returns and extensions as early as possible prior to April 10, instead of waiting to transmit a large batch of returns and extensions on April 18.

Note that Form 1040 returns and Form 4868 extensions are due at 11:59 p.m. local time on Monday, April 18, 2016. When e-filing on April 18, we recommend that preparers transmit returns to us at least one hour prior to the deadline.

The following are critical IRS e-filing dates for you to keep in mind:

Date Event
3/15/2016 Due date for timely filed electronic 1120 returns and Form 7004 extensions (1120)
4/18/2016 Due date for timely filed electronic 1040, 1041 and 1065 returns. Due date for Form 4868 extensions (1040) and Form 7004 extensions (1065 and 1041)
9/15/2016 Final due date for transmission of electronic 1120 and 1065 returns on extension and 1041 returns
10/17/2016 Final due date for transmission of electronic 1040 returns
10/20/2016 Final due date for retransmission of previously rejected electronic 1040 returns

More Information?

For an entity-specific calendar of e-filing dates, please see this Help & How-To Center article.