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UltraTax CS Federal Entities Available via CS Connect

CS Tax & Asset Management Solutions December 16, 2013

Beginning December 18, 2013, the following federal products will either be updated or made available for the first time in 2013 UltraTax CS: 

  • UltraTax/1040 (Update)
  • UltraTax/1065 (Initial Release)
  • UltraTax/1120 and 1120S (Initial Release)
  • UltraTax/1041 (Initial Release) 

Note: The 2013 version of UltraTax CS includes an even more streamlined program installation and a seamless update process. New for the 2013 program, we’ll provide the initial software release via web download or CD (as requested), and all additional program updates, including federal and state products, will be retrieved via CS Connect updates. Read below for specific details on how we’ve enhanced the process of keeping UltraTax CS up to date.  

Changes Made to CS Connect Background Services

CS Connect Background Services will apply 2013 UltraTax CS updates in the background without requiring all users to exit the program. With the new default option to Apply updates as each user’s processing permits (recommended) enabled on the Setup > System Configuration > CS Connect tab, 2013 UltraTax CS will download and apply updates to all licensed and previously installed PRP products as they become available. Each user will see the update take effect upon restarting 2013 UltraTax CS on that workstation. Prior versions of CS Connect Background Services required all users exit UltraTax CS for updates to be applied. 

Note: The Apply updates as each user’s processing permits (recommended)  option is enabled by default. 

More Info?

For more info on changes to the update process, refer to New for 2013 – Simplified Process for Installing and Updating UltraTax CS.