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UltraTax CS Organizer Delivery Methods – Now Available for Business Returns

CS Tax & Asset Management Solutions November 19, 2014

After you proforma your client data into 2014 UltraTax CS, you can prepare professional tax organizer packages for your clients using Client Organizer and Business Organizer. If you’re licensed for UltraTax/1040 Client Organizer, it is automatically installed when installing UltraTax/1040. 

New for 2014 UltraTax CS, the following listed products will now include the Business Organizer, available at no extra cost when you install the program. Refer to Business Organizers Available in UltraTax CS for more information. 

  • 1120/1120S
  • 1065
  • 1041
  • 990 

UltraTax CS offers numerous ways to deliver organizers to your clients, including paper, web delivery, and e-mail. Depending on each client’s need, you may choose the delivery option that is most suitable. 

Get more info on our new 1040 Organizer Help Center 

For more information on organizer set up and delivery, refer to our new 1040 Organizer Help Center the one-stop solution to your 1040 Client Organizer questions. This comprehensive resource is located in our user-friendly Help & How-To Center. To access the Help & How-To Center directly from UltraTax CS, press CTRL+Y. You can also click the Help button UltraTax CS Toolbar on the toolbar in UltraTax CS.