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Using E-File Viewer in GoSystem Tax RS

CS Tax & Asset Management Solutions March 25, 2014

GoSystem Tax RS iconUse the E-file Viewer in GoSystem Tax RS to check your returns for accuracy before submitting the returns to the IRS.

To use the E-file Viewer, follow the steps below.

  1. Create your return in an individual locator.
  2. Navigate to the GoSystem Tax RS Browser.
  3. Click Returns.
  4. Click Find Return.
  5. Enter the criteria to find the return that you want to view and click Continue.
  6. Mark the checkbox for the return you want to view and click e-file Viewer in the left pane.

In the E-file Viewer, you can choose to view returns as a full XML file or as a PDF file. Full XML is the format transmitted to the IRS for processing; a PDF is an easy-to-read format. With either option, you can verify the data electronically before you transmit the return to the IRS.