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View a Data Sharing “Audit Trail” with the Imported Fields Listing Dialog in UltraTax CS

CS Tax & Asset Management Solutions January 17, 2014

The data sharing feature in UltraTax CS speeds up return processing and ensures accuracy of data entry. It can be helpful to view a report of which data in the return are a result of data sharing, the source of the data, which fields the data were shared into, and more. 

The Imported Fields Listing dialog is located under Utilities > Data Sharing > Imported Fields Listing. Features of this dialog (as seen below) include the Go To Input Screen button, which directs you to the location of the imported data. 

UltraTax CS Imported Fields Listing screen

Note: You can also click on the Preview or Print button to generate a report of the info seen in the dialog.  

Below is a preview of the report that UltraTax CS will generate with the imported data.  

UltraTax CS Data Sharing Report

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