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View Clients’ Bank Products Status in 2013 UltraTax CS

CS Tax & Asset Management Solutions March 17, 2014

It’s easy to view info on your clients’ bank products, including whether the bank product has been sent and how much has been deposited.  

Status Info in the Electronic Filing Status Dialog
The Electronic Filing Status dialog, accessible via Utilities > Electronic Filing Status, displays the status of your clients’ e-files, allows you to view the e-file record transmitted to the IRS, and even provides bank product info in the Bank column. 

Note: By default, the Bank column is a Secondary column in the Electronic Filing Status dialog, accessible by clicking the UltraTax CS add button button next to the client.  To move the Bank column to a Primary column, select the Column Preferences UltraTax CS column preferences button button in the Electronic Filing Status toolbar to open the Column Preferences dialog.  In the Column Title Bank row, change Display to Primary and click the Done button. 

The following two entries may appear in the Bank column:

  • Pend indicates that a bank product was created but not transmitted to Refund Advantage.
  • Sent indicates that after we received the Accepted acknowledgment, the bank product was sent to Refund Advantage. 

If a client has info in the Bank column, highlight that client in the list and click the Bank product info UltraTax CS Bank Product button button to access the Refund Advantage website to view the status of that client’s 1040 bank product (Refund Transfer). You may have to enter login info on the bank’s website.

To print a list of clients, click the Print UltraTax CS Print Button button and then click the Standard e-file report option or the Detailed e-file report option.  

Note: Press and hold the CTRL or SHIFT key to select multiple clients at the same time. 

Status Info Displayed on the UltraTax CS Home Page
The Bank Products section of the UltraTax CS Home Page contains status info about e-filed returns that utilize bank products. Here UltraTax CS displays the following details: client ID, name, deposit date, and amount. Note that this section displays on the Home Page only if you mark theUse Refund Advantage bankproductscheckbox in the Setup > 1040 Individual > Federal tab > Bank Products dialog. 

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