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Helpful Content Management & Training Tools

Thomson Reuters Government  

· 5 minute read

Thomson Reuters Government  

· 5 minute read

The Content Repository rounds out the suite of helpful tools designed to enhance user experience now available in the Thomson Reuters Customer Center.

The innovative Thomson Reuters content management solution is designed to complement Knowledge Search and Case Management—two features Thomson Reuters launched on the Customer Center in 2015. “The Content Repository will soon become the home for valuable downloads—including application updates, release notes, jurisdictional reports, valuation cost data and more,” says Khris Seger, senior manager of customer operations.

The repository provides customers with additional functionality. Most notably, the platform enables Thomson Reuters to tailor the delivery of content to a client’s specific needs—reducing the complexity of content searches and downloads. Now, a single search encompassing both Knowledge and Content can easily be performed.

Single Sign-On Brings Added Convenience
“Another very important feature of the Content Repository is the use of single sign-on (SSO) authentication — called OnePass,” Seger says. “If you’re already familiar with the Thomson Reuters Community and Customer Center platforms, then you know that OnePass provides the ability to sign into multiple Thomson Reuters platforms with a single account. For customers who don’t already have a OnePass account, we encourage them to create a new account right away.”

A short tutorial on creating a OnePass account is located in the video section at the foot of the Customer Center page.

Say Goodbye to Connexion
With the launch of the Content Repository, Thomson Reuters retired Connexion. Customers will now find all valuable downloads on the repository.
The shift away from Connexion also brings a change in product deployment notifications. Thomson Reuters Community will now serve as the messaging solution for product updates, so users should register and setup alerts to ensure timely notification of the next product announcements.

For a preview of the Content Repository, users can also check out three new tutorials that have been added to the Customer Center video section. Together, the videos provide a good overview of how to conduct searches and work within the repository. Additional learning opportunities will be announced in the near future.

Aumentum User Documents Make the Move
Aumentum user documentation for versions 8.6.10 through 10.04 is also being moved from Connexion to the Content Repository.

“Derived from online help and published for major releases, these documents are organized by module and functional area, and can be downloaded as PDF files,” notes Nigel Edmead, director of training. “Between major releases we are continually updating Aumentum online help, so I encourage customers to refer to this for the most up-to-date product information and instruction on product use.”

Customers are also invited to visit the training site to take advantage of the latest e-learning offerings for Aumentum and Core Market products.

“We’re excited to offer a single location for our customers’ training needs, and will continue to add self-paced training courses and recorded webinars for both new and advanced users,” says Edmead.

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