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Taxologist Blog Series Part 2: Lay the Foundation for a Successful Implementation

Best Practices, Blog, Corporate Income Tax, ONESOURCE July 15, 2015

Our 7-part Taxologist blog series will offer best practices on how to ensure you have a smooth implementation once you have started your tax technology journey. Missed the last post? Click here to get step 1!

Step 2: Form the implementation project team

Your technology provider will assign a project lead to your implementation, typically a director of professional services. This person will bring in key subject matter experts on their side to design and build your technology platform as needed. On your side, make sure to assign an internal project lead as a first point of contact for your technology provider. You may also want to dedicate an IT and Finance/Accounting point person to the implementation project as well.

Remember: While your technology provider knows their offerings best, only your team knows your internal processes, so make sure to dedicate the proper time and resources to the implementation upfront.

Secondary departments involved in the implementation, such as Finance, Accounting or IT, should also be made aware of any time commitments upfront. If necessary, dedicated resources should be appointed from these departments and utilized as needed. Chances are you have already connected with these groups when you evaluated the existing technology, so they should have some background on the project and its benefits.

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