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ONESOURCE Property Tax Announces June Release

Blog, ONESOURCE, ONESOURCE Property Tax June 22, 2015

Thomson Reuters is pleased to announce the June 2015 release of ONESOURCE Property Tax. There was no system down time required for this release and the new functionality is now available to users. These features include:

Allowing the user to decide what they see when logging into OPT – new Application Setting – This will allow the user to choose their home screen when logging into the application.  Currently the user is always brought to the eTax tab when logging into the application.  The eTax tab will still be an option and will be the default until changed.

Cross Company Subject capabilities – This allows users to see which reports, processes and subjects have Cross Company capabilities without having to open the report, process or subject. The flag will only show next to the CC reports if it is applicable to the user.

 Ported eTax gadget info into Portal Gadgets – Important product updates can now be found on the ‘Welcome’ portal gadget.  Find out what Internet Explorer and Adobe Acrobat requirements are suggested, when forms have been certified and get the download for the ‘Send to Printer’ Installation Files.

 Auto Add en Masse along with save and auto add combo functionality – In order for AP records to calculate using the installment templates the user needs to perform the Auto Add function.  For convenience, an en masse Auto Add tool that will allow the user to run Auto Add for multiple bills at one time has been added as well.

 Save and Auto Add – There are a few ways that a user can create AP records. They can manually add an AP record, they can select Auto Add and they can import AP data.  When manually creating AP records using Auto Add, the user needs to save the data entered into the Basic Information section of the Tax Bill detail tab and then select Auto Add. The new tool allows the user to save the basic information section information and Auto Add at the same time.

 Multiple Report re-writes/Designs better reflect center data for reports originally written for VB – The Appeal Scorecard has been updated to reflect the new fields and functionality as well the values found in Appeal Center. Users now have access to additional fields and a more comprehensive report.

If you would like more information on ONESOURCE Property Tax, click here.