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ONESOURCE Property Tax Announces March Release

Blog, ONESOURCE, ONESOURCE Property Tax March 26, 2015

Thomson Reuters is pleased to announce the March 2015 release of ONESOURCE Property Tax. There was no system down time required for this release and the new functionality is now available to users. These features include:

Add to Calendar Date from detail Functionality – This allows users the ability to track crucial deadlines and meetings from the deadline and due date fields to their calendar.

New Application Settings – Previously maintained by Support, the new Application Settings area is available to Admins or advanced users to control various aspects of your company’s database setup. Training may be required, and IE9 or above is needed to access these options.

New Mass Data tools, processes and reports – Users will have the ability to mass change client data, such as parcel numbers, Assessment IDs, Client ID, Prop IDs and Tax Bill IDs.

New Property ID filter options within the centers – This will allow users to more efficiently filter grid data in both Tax Center and Asset Center.

Added Tax Recovery calculation options – Users can now select how they want to run the Recalculate Allocations process. New options include Run for Selected Tax Bill(s) only, Run for All Tax Bills on Parcel, and Include Auto Add Process.

Ability to run Check Requests directly from the AP Installments – Users will now be able to run a check request directly from the Tax Bill Installment/AP Information section.

View Dynamic Labels in the Import Wizard – Users will now be able to view their custom labels while mapping their import files, making the files easier to understand.

Get notified by email when processes and reports have completed – When checked, users will receive an email after the process or report is done running, regardless of the outcome.

Additional Cross Company reporting capabilities – For users with access to multiple company databases, seven additional reports now allow users to run one report for multiple companies, or all of their companies at one time.

For more information on this release, please refer to the Release Notes in the ONESOURCE Property Tax Knowledgebase (Article #134719). If you would like more information on ONESOURCE Property Tax, click here.