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ONESOURCE Property Tax Announces Summer Release

Blog, ONESOURCE, ONESOURCE Property Tax July 22, 2014

Thomson Reuters is pleased to announce the Summer 2014 release of ONESOURCE Property Tax. There was no system down time required for this release and the new functionality is now available to users. These features include:

Continued Standardization through ONESOURCE

Increased number of grid editing capabilities including and/or filtering

Added fields to all center subject grids for better reconciliation and reporting capabilities

Adding All Processes, Rules, Settings and Reports to the Applications Home Menu

Enhancements to the Home Menu

New Home Menu Favorites feature

New Home Menu layout

Link directly to Community from the Home Menu

 Enhancements to the Tax Center

New Overview Detail Tab allows users to look at assessments at the parcel or property level for any year that exists in their data

New Consolidated level and value comparison feature in the Overview Tab

Locations Tree rendering enhancements and new Anchor Locations tool

For more information on this release, please refer to the Release Notes in the ONESOURCE Property Tax Knowledgebase (Article #113105). If you would like more information on ONESOURCE Property Tax, click here.