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ONESOURCE Property Tax March 2014 Release

Blog, ONESOURCE, ONESOURCE Property Tax March 26, 2014

Thomson Reuters is pleased to announce the March 2014 release of ONESOURCE Property Tax.  There was no system down time required for this release and the new functionality is now available to users. The enhancements include:

A new AP section layout and color coding has been applied to Tax Center

  • The new AP installment summary layout allows the user to see more installments without having to scroll.
  • Each installment can be maximized and minimized to the default size.
  • New color coding indicates payments that are preliminary or at various stages of processing (paid/unpaid).

Asset Import process speed enhancements

Users will notice a speed improvement. They will not notice any changes to the setup process itself, as these changes were made behind the scenes.

Users’ Prior Year Depreciated Values have been added to the Returns tree for comparison.

The values will be seen by users at the account and location level.

Users now have the ability to set the initial appeal status when entering assessments, instead of having to go to Appeal Center

Users can now set the initial appeal status when adding/copying assessments instead of having to go into the Appeal Center.

Other Major enhancements in this release include

  • Additional Parcel filter options in the Tab Filters
  • Payment Approval Task will remember users’ last filter settings
  • Quick-expand options added to Asset Center Returns tree
  • Ability to include or exclude AP Notes from Check Requests

For more information on this release, please refer to the Release Notes in the ONESOURCE Property Tax Knowledgebase (Article #131429). If you would like more information on ONESOURCE Property Tax, click here.