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Property Tax Changes in Missouri and Florida

Blog, ONESOURCE, ONESOURCE Property Tax June 20, 2013

Missouri – Personal property appraisal reports (Reg. 12 CSR 30-3.065, effective 07/30/2013)

The MO DOR amends the regulation that describes the content and guidelines for the composition of appraisal reports used as evidence in tax commission hearings.

Personal property appraisal reports must be a narrative containing (at a minimum):

  • A description of the property
  • The original costs of each item
  • The class life of each item
  • The value of each item by applying the class life and recovery period of the original cost of the property

Florida -Notification by electronic mail authorized (L. 2013, H247, effective 10/01/2013)

The bill authorizes the use of electronic mail by property appraisers and value adjustment boards for certain documents with taxpayer consent.

  • Permits the clerk of a value adjustment board to electronically notify the taxpayer and property appraiser of the board’s decision in certain hearings if electronic means is selected by the taxpayer
    • Provides that certain ad valorem communications may be sent by e-mail instead of by regular mail provided:
      •  the intended recipient consents to receive the communications electronically
      • the recipient is notified that the e-mail address will become a public record
      • the recipient’s e-mail address is verified