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2013 Property Tax Assessment Notices Mailed in Washington DC

Commercial Real Estate, ONESOURCE Property Tax March 14, 2012

The District of Columbia Office of Tax and Revenue (OTR) has begun mailing tax year 2013 real property tax assessment notices to real property owners. The OTR reassessed a total of 190,000 taxable and exempt real properties to reflect current market values as of January 1, 2012, with residential properties showing a decrease of 0.43% and commercial properties showing an average increase of 6.69%. Property owners will be taxed on the new assessed value beginning March 2013. When property owners receive their assessment notice, they are encouraged to check their property’s proposed assessed value, the estimated taxable assessment, as well as important information related to property tax relief programs such as the homestead benefit, senior citizen deduction and the owner-occupied residential tax credit. The notice includes the assigned assessor’s contact information for taxpayers who wish to discuss their assessment. Property owners can file an appeal with OTR’s Real Property Tax Administration on or before April 2 if they believe that their assessment is not equitable in comparison with similar properties or that their assessment does not reflect the market value. This year’s appeals form has been revised to allow property owners to estimate the value of their property and, though providing this information is not mandatory, it may be helpful in resolving appeals.