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Buffalo Wild Wings Host Sales Tax Party in Ohio

Indirect Tax, ONESOURCE, Sales and Use Tax October 10, 2012

Marion Community Neighbors Protecting Neighbors, a group supporting passage of a 0.25 percent sales tax increase in Marion County, hosted a fundraiser at Buffalo Wild Wings Saturday, October 6th. Attendees found out how to become involved in the “campaign to improve their friends’ and family’s safety and quality of life in the Marion community,” states a press release. The event featured a variety of entertainment including, music, guest speakers,  a raffle, and an auction of sports memorabilia from the Buffalo Wild Wings collection.  The gathering was intended to raise funds for a campaign to support the tax increase. The group consists of local residents who have joined together to promote the passage of the additional sales tax, which will restore staffing and services reduced in budget cuts over the past several years. Since 2008, the state has cut more than $3.5 million in Local Government Funds to Marion County. This combined with reduced tax revenues caused by tough economic conditions, forced Marion County commissioners to cut 15.5% percent from the budgets for county departments this year. This results in 26 jobs being cut from the county’s budget.  Marion Community Neighbors Protecting Neighbors are hoping the new sales tax would generate enough revenue to rehire these positions and make their community safer, because many of the job cuts were in law enforcement.

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