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February Sales & Use Changes

Indirect Tax, ONESOURCE, Sales and Use Tax January 25, 2012

After the flurry of new taxes and rate changes state and local jurisdictions levied for the new 2012 year we are back to business as usual for items effective in February. It’s a pretty quiet month as far as volume, but pretty standard for this time of year. We can expect things to ramp up moving forward as jurisdictions will begin to post items, if they haven’t already, for adjustments effective in Q2 2012. Here are some notable tax changes effective in February 2012:

New Levies:

Virginia: Louisa County 4.0% (meals sales tax)

Rate Changes:

Alabama: Ashford 4.0%; Ashford Police Jurisdiction 2.0%
Virginia: Salem 6.0% (meals sales tax)

States That Have Posted Q2 Changes:

Arkansas, Nebraska and Oklahoma

Sales Tax Holiday:

Maryland: The state of Maryland is having a sales tax holiday on all qualified Energy Star appliances beginning 18 February 2012 through 20 February 2012.

Please be sure to check your state and local websites for more information.