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May Sales & Use Tax Rate Changes

Indirect Tax, ONESOURCE, Sales and Use Tax April 25, 2011

There are just a few changes of note for May 2011, but things should pick up in the coming months as we approach the end of Q2 and the tax holiday season. Some of the May changes include:

New Levies

Illinois: 1 new food & beverage tax (Waukegan 1.0%)

Rate Changes

Alabama: Boaz 4.0% (sales/use and rental tax); Boaz police jurisdiction 1.5% (sales/use and rental tax); Eclectic 5.0%; Eclectic police jurisdiction 2.5%; Moundville 3.0%; Moundville police jurisdiction 1.5%; Prattville 3.5% (sales/use and rental tax); Rainsville 4.0% (use tax only); Rainsville police jurisdiction 2.0% (use tax only); Riverside 4.0%; Riverside police jurisdiction 2.0%; Winfield 4.0%; Winfield police jurisdiction 2.0%

Sales Tax Holidays

Louisiana is having a hurricane preparedness sales tax holiday on all purchases of eligible supplies $1,500.00 or less per item. This holiday will take place from 28 May 2011 through 29 May 2011.

Texas is having an Energy Star sales tax holiday on purchases of all Energy Star appliances with varying limits depending on the item. This holiday will take place from 28 May 2011 through 30 May 2011. Please visit the taxes section on the Texas Window on State Government website for more information on exempt amounts for eligible products.

Virginia is having hurricane preparedness sales tax holiday on purchases of supplies $1,000.00 or less or $60.00 or less per item depending on the eligible item. This holiday will take place from 25 May 2011 through 31 May 2011.Please visit the Virginia Department of Revenue website for more information on exempt amounts for eligible products.

For more information regarding these changes I encourage you to visit the jurisdiction websites affecting your business.