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The City of Moore Tries to Add a Major Destination Park

Indirect Tax, ONESOURCE, Sales and Use Tax October 15, 2012

Moore residents will have the opportunity to approve two ballot measures on November 6th that would create a major park transformation that could redefine how tourist would look at their city. The first proposition authorizes $25.1 million in funding to enhance a current park, which would essentially create a new major destination park. This enhanced park would feature a new aquatic facility, a new community center, recreation center, a farmer’s market, a general multi-purpose building, an outdoor amphitheater, and a 2-mile multi-purpose trail in central Moore. The second proposition would establish a “temporary” 0.25% sales tax increase specifically funding this project that would apply to all taxable purchases in the city from 1 April 2013 through 30 March 2017. There is not a clear plan to finance additional expected costs of park maintenanceafter this tax expires in 2017. After several meetings and deliberation, the City Council voted unanimously to place these propositions on the ballot for our citizens to decide if they support this park transformation.

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