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Wisconsin Revises its Sales and Use Tax Guide: An Overview

Indirect Tax, ONESOURCE, Sales and Use Tax October 13, 2011

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The state of Wisconsin has updated Publication 201 which outlines its sales and use tax law. In a nutshell, the changes to the publication include the following:

  • Repeal of the law limiting the type of discounts given by retailers
  • Revisions to the tax treatment of items provided free of charge by a retailer with the required purchase of another taxable product
  • A new exemption for manufactured and modular homes
  • A new exemption for advertising and promotional direct mail
  • A new exemption for snowmaking and snow-grooming machines and equipment
  • A new exemption for vegetable oil or animal fat that is converted into motor vehicle
  • An exemption for the newly created Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation
  • The termination of the existing Dane County and Southeastern Regional Transit Authorities and the repeal of the authority to create the Chequamegon By and Chippewa Valley Regional Transit Authorities.
  • Refunds claims are now accepted electronically

Please check the publication for varying effective dates for the above changes. It is available at


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