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ONESOURCE Property Tax Knowledgebase Released

ONESOURCE Property Tax, Software March 31, 2011

The ONESOURCE® Property Tax software Knowledgebase was released this past weekend, allowing users to quickly search all content, highlight search words, quickly find new content, and much more.  Content is organized in expanded folders and gives instructions and tips on navigation, searching content and other features.

Some of the additional new benefits to users include:

  • A list of important, recommended topics/articles
  • Recently added articles
  • Hot topics
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Search all content by keywords and phrases
  • Perform advanced searched for specific document types, date, and attributes, in addition to content
  • Easily download and print articles
  • Provide feedback and suggestions regarding specific articles

The Knowledgebase is accessible to all registered users of the ONESOURCE Property Tax software from a link on the Help main menu.  To learn more about ONESOURCE Property tax, visit