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ONESOURCE Property Tax September 2012 Release

Indirect Tax, ONESOURCE, ONESOURCE Property Tax, Software September 5, 2012

Thomson Reuters is pleased to announce the September 2012 release of ONESOURCE Property Tax.

Changes include the second phase of the new Appeal Center, new features focusing on the overall expansion of the four centers comprising ONESOURCE Property Tax and new tabs within the Tax Center detail screen.

Appeal Center

The centerpiece of this release is the new Should I Appeal Subject. This tool allows you to quickly review assessments and determine whether or not an appeal is warranted, based on a target values and multiple years’ assessments. This analysis can now be done on a parcel-by-parcel basis, on a property basis, or on any combination of parcels you define as an Economic Unit with new tools for managing how to combine parcels together within a property.


  • Added “Appeal Level Status” Field to the Assessments Detail Tab
  • User can now save expenses without adding a client ID or Contact ID
  • User can add an Appeal for an Existing Assessment Notice
  • User can track Savings Adjustment on Appeal Record
  • Options have been added to the Reconciliation of Values section, Square Footage to Use drop down

 Enhancements to ONESOURCE Property Tax Centers

You will find navigation easier than ever as we simplify our home menu. You will also find favorite Asset and Tax Manager features like Asset Copy and Parcel Copy tools, available for the first time in the Asset Center and Tax Center.


  • Updated HOME Menu for easier navigating
  • Moving assets in the Asset Center via the assign locations will now kick off the identify returns process
  • The system will now allow users to activate assets in a workspace that may have errors
  • The Copy asset function has been added to the Asset Center detail screen

Tax Center

Two new tabs have been added to the Tax Center detail screen. The new Contacts tab allows you to view and associate contacts including your own team, consultants, assessors, and more to your parcels in the Tax Center. The new Attachments tab, formerly known as Images in the Tax Manager, allows you to manage attachments to both parcels and properties easily, including drag and drop features to add new documents.


  • Notes field added in Basic Information and Installment in Tax Bill Details Tab
  • Payment Verify and the Payment Approval dates have been added to the Tax Center Tax Bills Detail tab as well as available fields within the Bills grid
  • Added Parcel Status field to the Detail Info tab
  • The Tax Manager Contacts Tab has been converted to the Tax Centers detail window