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Property Tax Appeal Rules Amended in Utah

ONESOURCE, ONESOURCE Property Tax, Software April 9, 2013

Utah legislation has enacted House Bill H54 (effective 5/14/2013), which changes the rules for property tax appeals. The legislation provides that the State Tax Commission when reviewing evidence submitted by or on behalf of an owner or a county in connection with a property tax appeal , will consider and weigh the following: (1) the accuracy, reliability, and comparability of the evidence presented by the owner or the county; (2) if submitted, the sales price of relevant property that was under contract for sale as of the lien date but sold after the lien date; (3) if submitted, the sales offering price of property that was offered for sale as of the lien date but did not sell, including considering and weighing the amount of time for which, and manner in which, the property was offered for sale; and (4) if submitted, other evidence that is relevant to determining the fair market value of the property. The legislation also  allows a person to present evidence or provide property tax information on behalf of another person in a property tax appeal under certain circumstances.