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Workflow Center: Managing Your (Virtual) Teams

ONESOURCE, ONESOURCE Property Tax, Software April 23, 2012

Managing more with less is a challenge many of us in Property Tax face every day. Many of our customers approach the ONESOURCE Property Tax software team for advice and help as portfolios grow without adding to your teams. The solutions can range from increasing automation to enlisting the Thomson Reuters Property Tax Services team or other third parties to help.

The ONESOURCE Property Tax Workflow Center launched this month is designed to support the solution you choose. Last month we highlighted Document Processing tools. These tools streamline the process and improve throughput. Workflow Center’s Responsibility rules and Task tracking give you visibility to these processes.

Responsibility rules allow you to assign individuals or teams to each step in a workflow. Due dates for each task are computed relative to the ultimate delinquent date maintained by our Research and Content team. For example, you can designate that a Tax Bill must be Approved by the Tax Manager no later than 10 days prior to the due date. Any ONESOURCE Property Tax user with access to your database may be assigned tasks, including service providers.

Tasks can be tracked in the familiar grids you already know from Tax Center and Asset Center. Quickly filter or search tasks by type, status, assignee, or due date. Tasks are tracked through Pending, Active, and Completed statuses. Status progresses automatically as you act on tasks in the system. You can even see the pipeline future work, or Pending Tasks, assigned to you or your teams.

However you choose to solve the challenge of more work with smaller teams, ONESOURCE Property Tax will support the process with improved visibility, less risk, and reduced processing costs.