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I Need Help With Sales Tax – What Do I Do?

Indirect Tax, Tax Automation June 11, 2010

As they always say, acknowledging you have a problem is the first step to correcting it.  So, now that you have taken your first step, what do you do next?  It’s usually at this point that I get to work with companies.  They know they need help with sales tax, but they don’t know what type of help they need and how to get it.  That’s where I usually come in.

Sales tax assistance can come in one of three primary forms.  In this blog I’ll introduce them, and then I will cover each in more detail in subsequent blogs.  First: a company may need assistance researching sales and use tax laws.  Second: a company may need help automating their sales tax process.  Third: a company may need to build a sales tax process. 

As you can see each of these are very different paths stemming from the same basic problem.  Knowing what type of sales tax assistance you need is critical.  If you don’t clearly identify that, you may end up going down the wrong path.  Going down the wrong path can be painful and expensive.  Not only will it result in wasted time and energy, but it will also result in wasted money.  Time, resources, and cash are expensive commodities and should be spent wisely.  That’s why I thought I would spend some time sharing my experiences in helping companies determine the right path.

To be continued…………….