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ONESOURCE Property Tax Announces February 2013 Release

ONESOURCE, ONESOURCE Property Tax, Software, Tax Automation, Tax Management Software March 7, 2013

Thomson Reuters is pleased to announce the February 2013 release of ONESOURCE Property Tax. A few of the enhancements included in this release are:
Sum Tool:
o The legacy Asset Manager Sum tool is now available for most Centers as a tab in the navigation panel.
Tab Filters:
o The ability to include Sub-Clients in the Client ID filter has been added.
o Parent parcels are now appear in bold font for easy viewing in the navigation tree.
o Inactive locations and parcels are easily identified in the navigation tree.
Field Enhancements:
o Numerous fields have been added to several Centers and Subjects in the grid.
o Additional user-defined fields have been added to the Parcel detail window.
Tax Center:
o Improvements have been made to the order in which data is displayed on the Assessments detail tab.
o Client and contact information fields are now editable within the expanded Contacts detail tab.
Appeal Center:
o The ability to appeal “en masse” now exists.
o Enhancements have been made to the Appeal Center Level Status field.