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Current Users Answer the Question “Why ONESOURCE?”

Global Tax Compliance, Tax Provision, Transfer Pricing, US Income Tax Compliance, WorkFlow Manager January 10, 2012

Rigid year-end deadlines, lack of internal resources, and understaffing are ongoing challenges for tax departments around the world. These issues may seem daunting, but they can be mitigated using ONESOURCE global tax solutions.

In our latest YouTube video titled “Why ONESOURCE?” a number of tax professionals have shared their thoughts on how our products have helped their tax departments evolve. Professionals from corporations such as DuPont, Monsanto, Genworth Financial, McAfee and Fresenius Medical Care have undergone ONESOURCE implementations and can attest to its integral role in increasing efficiency and streamlining processes throughout the tax cycle.

Sharon Rosiak, Tax Manager at DuPont shared, “On our world class journey, Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE was the product that was going to take us there.” ONESOURCE solutions can be accessed from across the globe due to their web-based capabilities, allowing increased flexibility and collaboration between colleagues working from different locations.

Alan Shuster, Tax Manager at Genworth Financial said, “It’s the synergy. The products work together and that’s what we want.” With products such as ONESOURCE WorkFlow Manager, ONESOURCE Tax Provision and ONESOURCE Income Tax all working together, tax departments can stay organized, work more efficiently and meet tight deadlines.

Watch the video for further insight on why ONESOURCE is the solution that can take your tax department to a new level of success.