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Peer Group Benchmarking – The Real End to the Financial Close

Blog, ONESOURCE, Tax Provision June 3, 2015

Do you believe benchmarking against market peers is a critical component to evaluating the health and future of an effective strategy? Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE allows you to analyze financial results, benchmark against other companies, and present clear and concise results to your internal stakeholders. With benchmarking, you can compare your company results to those within your peer group—a game-changing advantage. This tax technology will help you elevate the strategic performance of your tax department. Create value across your organization by ensuring you are making informed decisions based on readily available knowledge. Peer Group Benchmarking consists of:

  • Comparing common tax metrics across a user-defined peer group
  • Easily consumable data visualization to illustrate trends
  • Embedded links to underlying financial statements
  • Provides a future platform for strategic market analysis for tax

It is always economically viable to know what the market trends are and how efficient your processes are compared to your peers. Tax professionals spend valuable time manually gathering and manipulating data. Our analytic tools are designed to help you gather insight from your data.  If knowledge is power, then ONESOURCE has the solution that enables tax to broaden your company’s competitive advantage.