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What If You Could Cut Out a Full Day of Data Entry?

Global Tax Compliance, Tax Provision, US Income Tax Compliance November 22, 2011

In this newly released case study, the global leader in technology protection services reveals what steps they took to free up a significant amount of time around their complex state calculations so they can now focus more on analysis and enjoy some work-life balance.  

When faced with challenges such as growing workload and over-reliance on manual processes, the lean Asurion Insurance Services Inc. tax department was able to cut complex state calculations from hours to minutes with the help of the Active Workpapers module of ONESOURCE Tax Provision.

These integrated, spreadsheet-like workpapers have allowed the Asurion team to make several process improvements in terms of speed and accuracy of information in a relatively short time. Learn what else this tax department is now doing with their extra time and see how with the support of full data controls and audit trails you may be able to improve risk managment and analyze your data versus crunching it.