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Danish Chocolate Tax

Indirect Tax, Transaction Tax January 3, 2012

If a proposed tax on chocolate is passed by the Danish Parliament you can expect to pay a lot more for a chocolate bar or cake in Denmark next year. The Chocolate Tax which is expected to pass this week and go into effect on January 1st would levy an extra six Danish Kroner ($1.05) on every kilogram of chocolate. Beginning in 2013, lawmakers also plan a levy on the sugar-content of processed food set at as much as 24 Kroner ($4.20) per kilogram. This would include any processed food containing sugar, not just desert type items. According to Martin Justesen, a spokesman for the Danish tax department the impetus behind the tax is to improve the health of the Danish population by providing a stronger incitement to buy healthier food. Critics argue that the tax is over broad and taxes food that is actually good for you.

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