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The East Feliciana Parish School Board Votes on Tax Exemption

Indirect Tax, ONESOURCE, Sales and Use Tax, Transaction Tax July 28, 2012

The East Feliciana Parish School Board is scheduled to vote on a tax exemption for six parish businesses from charging their out-of-state customers on sales taxes on equipment repair work Thursday, July 26th.  The School Superintendent announced the special meeting after more than two hours of discussion about the tax exemption before the board’s finance Committee on July 23rd.  The parish had previously granted this exemption, beginning in the summer of 2007, but recently discovered that the exemption was only written into law for a period of three years.  Whether or not the exemption is approved, the board will need to determine what must be done to address the past two years, in which these taxes were not applied to out-of-state vendors.