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United Kingdom – 2013 Finance Bill and Other News

Indirect Tax, ONESOURCE, Transaction Tax, VAT Tax Rates February 20, 2013

On 7 February it was announced that the 2013 Finance Bill will be published on 28 March following the 2013 Budget statement on 20 March. The Explanatory notes will be available on the HM Treasury website after that date.

HMRC will be posting updates HERE.

In other U.K. news there has been quite a bit of interest expressed from the recycling industry lately for an exemption on recycled plastics. Most recently the call for an exemption was made by Nigel Hunton, CEO of MBA Polymers, at an event called “The Future of Recycling – The Challenge of Plastics.” It is their position that the exemption would stimulate the economy by creating new “green” jobs as well as provide environmental benefits by reducing the United Kingdom’s dependence on foreign oil.