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Three Reasons to Try the Smarter Source for Worldwide Private Company Data

Blog, Global Tax Compliance, ONESOURCE, ONESOURCE Transfer Pricing, Transfer Pricing November 12, 2013

In recent years, multinational corporations have seen a significant rise in audits, shifts in tax legislation from various countries, and guidelines from the OECD. As transfer pricing documentation regulations continue to evolve worldwide, professionals need reliable and high-quality data to support documentation. Starting today, you can receive this with the Worldwide Private Company Database from Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE Transfer Pricing.

Over the past two years, our transfer pricing experts have worked diligently with tax authorities, corporations, and service providers to develop a centralized and integrated comparable company database solution that is specifically tailored to transfer pricing. See the top three reasons why the Worldwide Public and Private Company Database from Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE Transfer Pricing will provide unparalleled information for your documentation for years to come.

  1. More Transparency – Our information has been carefully examined to include only usable records for transfer pricing analysis. The data also includes country-specific, as-reported financial data and standardized financial line-items. With this level of detail, you can perform your comparability analysis with confidence.
  2. Lower Costs –  The Worldwide Public and Private Company Database from Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE Transfer Pricing can help cut your costs 30 – 50%. You will be able to access with one price for all of your data – no surcharges, additional fees, or exclusions.
  3. Transfer Pricing Support & Expertise – with over 20 transfer pricing experts with experience spanning across various professional backgrounds, you will be supported with any questions you have 24 hours a day, Monday – Friday. While you work on documentation, you can be assured that an experienced team can support your work.

When it comes to transfer pricing analysis, you can now rely on one source to gain the depth and range of data you require for comparability analysis. Click here to request a free trial!