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ONESOURCE Income Tax – State Tax Tips

US Income Tax Compliance August 25, 2011

Welcome to the first in a series of tips related to state tax processing in ONESOURCE Income Tax. Each week we will post a quick tip, reminder or FYI on different features that users of ONESOURCE Income Tax can utilize to make state tax processing more efficient, easier and maybe even faster!

Workpaper of the Week: State Options

A great, timesaving tool is the State Options workpaper. Some of the benefits of this workpaper:

  • Allows users to review and set state compute and print options in one place
  • Provides easy way to set options consistently for all entities
  • Most frequently used return options will be listed for each state
  • Shows all entities in a consolidated binder or quick launch group

The State Options workpaper can be found on the Tools tab and is only available in the RS version of ONESOURCE Income Tax.

View some of the screenshots below and try it out today!