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Sell and Market High-Value Payroll Services with myPay Solutions

Accounting Firms, CS Professional Suite Accounting & Auditing Solutions, CS Professional Suite Payroll Solutions October 4, 2016

Like most practitioners, the prospect of expanding into a full-service firm is your ideal. You’d love your clients to come to you for all their accounting and tax needs—and to take advantage of the high-value services that can help them better run their businesses. So which services can you offer?

What about payroll, one of the highest-value, most sought after services you can offer?

“No, thanks, it’s too much hassle,” you say.

But what if you could easily offer payroll—without the stress and liability?

In this free one-hour webcast, we can show you how you can serve your clients’ payroll needs, without the time-consuming processing or compliance responsibilities, with myPay Solutions. You’ll see how your partnership with myPay Solutions can help market your firm as the ideal full-service practice, and begin to attract new clients as a result. We’ll also focus on how to sell and market payroll strategies, develop a plan to extend your firm’s services, offer tips for branding and promoting payroll from industry experts, and give you guidance on positioning myPay Solutions to your clients as a trusted partner.

If you’d like to learn more about how payroll services can help diversify your service offerings and grow your payroll base, check out our free payroll webcast on October 25 or 26, Sell and Market High-Value Payroll Services with myPay Solutions. You’ll hear directly from a practitioner about their experience partnering with myPay Solutions and how they sell and market high-value payroll services.

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