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Update on the 7th Annual Partner Summits

Accounting Firms, CS Professional Suite, Events July 11, 2014

Partner SummitsIn May 2014, we kicked off our sold-out, six-city Partner Summits run in Minneapolis, MN. On August 21-22, 2014, we’ll be winding down with our final event in Newport, RI. These two-day strategic planning events were aimed at principals from tax and accounting firms nationwide. Limited to 50 attendees per city, they featured individualized instruction from nationally recognized technology and workflow experts on big-picture aspects of running a dynamic practice. Topics include adapting to new challenges in the profession and formulating a growth strategy, among others. 

This year’s expert speakers are:

  • Paul Miller, Business By Design
  • Andrew W. McCracken, CPA, MAcc, Thomson Reuters
  • Therese M. Witherow, Thomson Reuters 

What We’re Learning
Our attendees continue to tell us that the 2014 Partner Summits offer a fresh approach that incorporates innovative new ideas, while preserving the small, intimate format that has made them so popular since their introduction in 2007. Attendees also have the opportunity to exchange ideas with other professionals in a small-group setting. 

Therese, Andrew, and Paul challenge each attendee to envision their ideal day.  Attendees then have an opportunity to step back from their practice and define what daily tasks are holding them back from a more efficient workday, greater profitability, and an improved client experience.  Attendees are finding specific shifts that need to be made in order to achieve a more ideal day.  They’re leaving Partner Summits with quick wins and achievable goals that they can put into action right away.    

What’s in Store for Next Year?
We’re already making plans with nationally recognized technology and workflow experts to share their ideas with us on running a dynamic practice. In the meantime, you can learn more about our 2014 events by visiting