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3 Tips for E-Commerce Success Before Free Shipping Day

Blog, Indirect Tax, ONESOURCE December 10, 2015

In today’s market, savvy shoppers are taking advantage of discounts, avoiding long lines and spending more time at home by entering the cyber world during the holiday shopping season. As eager buyers flock to online websites for great deals and free shipping, expectations are high to find and purchase the perfect gift.

The high volume of online shoppers can be a challenge for e-commerce retailers, with some retailers experiencing delays during the cyber traffic jam on Black Friday weekend. With just a few weeks left in the holiday shopping season, including December 18th FREE Shipping Day, there are several best practices for e-commerce retailers to keep in mind:

• Load testing against environments by replicating high transaction volumes is a best practice. Practicing high volume traffic will ensure your customer will not experience more than the expected three second delay or worse, downtime.
• Knowing your limits in managing online traffic during the holiday season is an important best practice. Actively managing traffic and effectively creating the equivalent of a line outside the store may be a temporary fix until any unplanned capacity issues are resolved.
• Performing a self-audit and verifying your tax calculation processes and procedures is best practice. Sales tax audit exposure can add up quick when sales taxes are not calculated correctly – especially on your largest sales days. Utilizing tax professionals to perform a review is a good preventative practice.

Of course the best advice is planning and preparation. Utilizing highly qualified IT professionals can help prepare your business and guarantee a successful online shopping season. Testing for high volume traffic, latency, and accurate tax calculation guarantees a relaxing and prosperous e-commerce holiday season. Learn more about how ONESOURCE Indirect Tax applications can help!