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Exemptions for Food, School Supplies, and Clothing a Possibility in Kansas This Year

Blog, Indirect Tax June 1, 2016

Two bills introduced this February could establish three sales tax holidays by the end of this year. House Bill (HB) 2076 would exempt certain sales of school supplies, computers, and clothing from sales and use taxes annually. The bill sets an item threshold amount depending on category (clothing, computers, or school supplies) for eligible items. If passed, the state’s inaugural back-to-school sales tax holiday would occur Thursday, August 4, 2016 and run through Sunday, August 7, 2016, recurring annually the first Thursday through Sunday of every August.

Additionally, Senate Bill (SB) 442 would establish two sales tax holidays for food and food ingredients during the holiday season. In an effort to provide some relief during a typically costly time of the year, the bill proposes that “all sales of food and food ingredients,” be exempt from the state’s 6.5% sales and use tax the second Thursday of November through the following Sunday, and the third Thursday of December through the following Sunday. The legislature reconvenes today, and if passed, the exemption would begin the weekends of November 17 and December 15.