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Tis the Season for Sales Tax Holidays

Indirect Tax, ONESOURCE July 22, 2016

It may seem hard to believe, but as we approach the end of July, back to school season is approaching fast. Smart shopping parents looking to save on their children’s clothing and supplies are looking forward to annual sales tax ‘holidays’ in a number of states. Sales tax ‘holidays’ are generally statutory in nature and provide exemptions of limited duration from sales taxes otherwise due on purchases of enumerated items of tangible personal property. States vary greatly in the number of items covered by these ‘holidays’ as well as their duration and scope. As an example the State of Louisiana applies its sales tax holiday to most items of tangible personal property over a two day period whereas the State of Connecticut’s sales tax holiday only applies to clothing, but lasts a week. Not all states have a sales tax holiday (of course every day is a sales tax holiday here in Oregon), and some states that do generally have holidays may not be considering them this year.

Here’s a list of summer holidays for 2016 along with their dates:



Georgia: July 30 through July 31

Mississippi: July 29 through July 30

Puerto Rico: July 15 through July 16

Tennessee: July 29 through 30



Alabama: August 5 through 7

Arkansas: August 6 through 7

Connecticut: August 21 through 27

Florida: August 5 through 7

Iowa: August 5 through 6

Louisiana: August 5 through 6

Maryland: August 14 through 20

Missouri: August 5 through 7

New Mexico: August 5 through 7

Ohio: August 5 through 7

Oklahoma: August 5 through 7

South Carolina: August 5 through 7

Texas: August 5 through 7

Virginia: August 5 through 7