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WEBCAST: Understanding Nexus to Avoid Unexpected Liability

Indirect Tax, ONESOURCE, Sales Tax Nexus February 1, 2013

ONESOURCE Indirect Tax: Understanding Nexus to Avoid Unexpected

Are you unclear on what business activities create nexus, or tax liability in a state, or what having nexus requires you to do? Can you use tips on key mistakes to avoid when completing a state nexus questionnaire and how to deal with problems you may discover? Revenue-hungry states are becoming increasingly aggressive and are improving collaboration with other states in attempts to catch transgressors.

 Join Nicole Huberty, Lead Legal Analyst for Thomson Reuters, on February 7th, 2013, 10AM PT / 1PM ET for this nexus web presentation. 

Topics include:

* The legal definition & background of nexus
* Types of activities and the level of activity that creates nexus
* How states will monitor your nexus and what to do if you have nexus
* Responsibilities when you have nexus
* Q&A with Thomson Reuters tax experts

Be sure to submit your questions for our tax expert while registering for the webinar!