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Speed Up Workflow with the Web Organizer in UltraTax CS

Accounting Firms, CS Tax & Asset Management Solutions, Tax, WorkFlow & Processes November 26, 2013

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Web Organizer is the web-based version of Client Organizer that enables you to send client organizers to your clients through a private NetClient CS portal. A portal is a secure environment that requires a unique password to access, like accessing your bank account online. Your clients have the ability to enter new data in screens, make edits to proforma’d data, complete the organizer questionnaire, include notes and questions for you, attach files, create screens for new activities (such as W-2s), and then send the electronic organizer to you through the portal.

Once your clients have completed their 2013 web organizers, and beginning with the December release, you can retrieve the organizer info via CS Connect (a communications utility included with UltraTax CS) and transfer it directly into UltraTax CS input screens.

Following are some of the key steps.

Note: For a comprehensive list of procedural steps pertaining to the Web Organizer, view the article Web Organizer Overview on our Help & How-To Center. The article also provides numerous links to other helpful articles on this topic.

Assigning Organizer Delivery Preferences

Prior to sending Web Organizers to your clients’ portals, you should assign your clients’ organizer delivery preferences. This step is especially useful when producing organizers en masse. UltraTax CS assigns the paper organizer delivery preference for each client by default. Complete the following steps to specify different delivery preferences:

  1. Choose Setup > Client Communications.
  2. Select Web or Web – Print only from the drop-down list in the Organizer Delivery column.

    Note: Only the Web option enables clients to return their web organizer data electronically via CS Connect for your retrieval.

Assembling Web Organizers

Complete these steps to assemble Web Organizers in HTML format for your clients to access.

  1. Choose File > Print Organizers to open the Print Organizers dialog.
  2. In the Print what group box, click the Web: Thomson Reuters data center option (it won’t say Thomson Reuters if you’re using your own site.)
  3. Click the Options button to open the Organizer Print Options dialog. Note that you must have a client open or selected to access these options. The print collation settings shown here are set by clicking the Organizer button in the Collation group box located in the Setup > 1040 Individual > Organizer tab.
  4. Click OK to close the Organizer Print Options dialog.
  5. Click the Clients button to open the Select Clients to Print dialog. This dialog lets you select the clients for whom you wish to assemble electronic organizers for the web.
  6. Click OK to close the Select Clients to Print dialog and then click the Assemble button.

Transmitting Web Organizers

After assembling Web Organizers, you can transmit them to your clients using CS Connect, a communications utility included with UltraTax CS. CS Connect transmits and retrieves electronic organizers for Web Organizer. Use the following procedure to transmit Web Organizers to your clients.

  1. Click the CS Connect button on the toolbar.
  2. Select the Options tab.
  3. UltraTax CS automatically marks the Web Delivery: ($) Transmit organizers checkbox in the Purpose of this call group box when there are assembled organizers pending.
  4. Click the Web Organizer tab. This dialog allows you to select the clients to whom you wish to transmit a web organizer.
  5. Click the Call Now button on the Options tab to transmit the web organizers. When the web organizers are transmitted, the greeting is sent via email to each of your clients, instructing them that their web organizers are available for data entry and explaining how to access them.

Retrieving Web Organizer Data

Complete these steps to retrieve web organizer data for all clients who have completed their web organizers.

  1. Choose Utilities > CS Connect to open the CS Connect dialog.
  2. On the Options tab, mark the Web Delivery: ($) Retrieve completed organizers checkbox.

    Note: If you’re licensed for FileCabinet CS, an image of the retrieved client organizer, as well as associated attachments, will be stored in FileCabinet CS during the retrieval process. If you’re not licensed for FileCabinet CS, UltraTax CS prompts you to save the associated attachments to a location on your hard drive.

  3. Click the Call Now button. All completed web organizers are automatically retrieved at this time. Click the Done button to close the dialog.
  4. Once the organizer retrieval is complete, click the Close button in the Call Summary dialog.
  5. Within your 1040 clients’ returns, all data from completed web organizers is displayed in purple text on organizer input screens and is available for you to accept or reject as desired.
  6. To accept or discard the data retrieved from a web organizer, use the buttons at the top of each organizer input screen. You can accept or discard web organizer amounts for each individual field or for the entire input screen at once.

    Important: Until you accept it, the organizer data is not included in the calculation of the client’s return. The process of retrieving the web organizer data into the client’s return does not overwrite any proforma’d or preparer-entered data.

More Info?

Search our Help & How-To Center for product-related questions. You can access the Help & How-To Center directly from UltraTax CS by holding your CTRL key plus the letter Y. You may also click the Help button UltraTax CS Toolbar Help from the toolbar of UltraTax CS.