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Behind the Scenes: A Consummate Coach

CS Professional Suite, Our People September 17, 2014

Brian WrightMeet Brian Wright, manager of Accounting & Practice Support for Thomson Reuters. He joined the company 14 years ago as a support representative. He’s worked in support, training, consulting, and professional services. At the beginning of this year, he started his current position, which largely involves optimizing staff and user performance.

Solutions: Much of your career with Thomson Reuters has revolved around helping customers. Is that right?

Brian Wright: Yes. Even though I don’t interact with customers now like I used to – and I miss that – my day-to-day work involves making sure we’re properly staffed to meet our clients’ needs. That includes educating users about the resources that are there to help them be more efficient with our software.

Solutions: Can you provide an example of one of those resources?

Wright: We created a tool called our Help & How-To Center. It’s a way we can communicate known issues or other information relevant to our products that customers can use to search for answers on their own. We’re still here to provide customer service if they want it, but a lot of users have said they just want us to tell them how to fix things themselves.

Solutions: How do you maintain a focus on customers while working with staff?

Wright: I always try to bring the clients’ stories back to our company, to make sure our staff understands how they’re using our technology and what happens in a user’s office when something isn’t working the way it should.

Solutions: What gives you the most satisfaction at work?

Wright: Seeing the professional growth and development of my staff and the customers we serve. Everyone has the ability to grow beyond where they currently are, and I take pride in helping them do that.

Head in the Game

Life philosophy: “The most important play is the next play. I learned that from playing football since I was 8 years old and coaching it for 20 years.”

Major influences: Wright says his father, Percy Wright, and his high school football coach, Paul Test, taught him enduring lessons about character, hard work, dealing with adversity, teamwork, and individual accountability.

Paying it forward: Wright passes on what he’s learned to his colleagues and his three children, with whom he spends most of his free time with, along with his wife, Theresa.