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Behind the Scenes: A Teacher and a Traveler

CS Professional Suite, Our People September 17, 2013

Therese Witherow

Meet Therese Witherow, a senior technical trainer at Thomson Reuters in Ann Arbor, Mich. She began as an intern in 1999 and was hired in 2001. Since then, Witherow has found her niche: training customers to get the most from their software.

Solutions: You’ve been with Thomson Reuters your entire career, since you earned your accounting degree. You must love where you work.

Therese Witherow: I do! Thomson Reuters really encourages you to do the work you’re good at. I was first hired as a product support representative and soon became a senior support representative. I was lead of UltraTax CS and started doing a lot of training on the product for our employees and customers. In 2005, a position opened for an UltraTax CS technical trainer. I applied and got the job. That gave me the chance to be able to do what I’m best at.

Solutions: What gives you the greatest satisfaction in your job?

Therese: I love working and interacting with our users, especially in person, so it’s a good thing I love to travel. My goal is to drive firms to be excited and motivated to make the most of their software. I get great satisfaction when I see them have that “ah-ha!” moment, which means I did my job well.

Solutions: You’ve presented at our Partner Summits many times in recent years.

Therese: My presentations focus on UltraTax CS and tax workflow, giving tips and advice about the software’s full functionality. I also provide training on strategic planning to help firms identify their strengths, weaknesses, market opportunities, and competitive threats. In the end, I want them to have a plan that can help them be more progressive and client-focused – and successful.

Catching Some Fun

Family ties. Witherow is close to her family, spending much of her spare time with her parents, sister, and brother-in-law.

An avid angler. “Is it all right for a girl to say she loves to fish?” Witherow asks with a laugh. Her father taught her to fish and her brother-in-law’s a fan, too. They spend hours at a time fishing on Michigan’s lakes.

Travel tales. Witherow loves traveling for fun. So far she’s visited Canada, Mexico, India, Ireland, England and France, and she dreams of vacationing in Tahiti.