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Behind the Scenes: A Unique Skill Set

CS Professional Suite, Our People June 11, 2014

Jordan KleinsmithMeet Jordan Kleinsmith, product manager of Thomson Reuters Enterprise Segment. Based in Dexter, Mich., he joined the company in the fall of 2006 as a technical support intern. After working in the User Services group and as an account representative, Kleinsmith now helps develop and refine products.

Solutions: How would you describe your work in a nutshell?

Jordan Kleinsmith: My core responsibility is to know my market, which is the largest firms in the nation. I interact quite a bit with our customers to find out what they want from our software, so I can translate that back to our development team.

Solutions: You have a wide range of interests, including Austrian Economics. Where did that come from?

Jordan: I took a course in college. Austrian economics is a study of human interaction and what incentivizes people. One of the biggest rules I try to live by is that incentives matter. I always try to steer the conversation toward what we need to do to encourage people to work toward a given end goal.

Solutions: You also list the U.S. Tax Code as an area of expertise. That must come in handy.

Jordan: I actually dislike the income tax, which is ironic. And as more and more taxpayers are preparing their own returns, I’ve taken an interest in helping our customers shift away from the myopic focus on compliance and filling out forms, so they can become trusted consultants and be more competitive.

Solutions: On your long list of skills, you include bagpiping.

Jordan: I played in a bagpipe band in college. I don’t play as much as I used to – although I get tapped for weddings and funerals – but one of my goals for 2014 is to play more.

Primary Passions

Family life. Kleinsmith and his wife, Christine, have two daughters: Helen, age 3, and Sophie, age 1. “No matter how hard my day was, a hug from one of them just makes it all melt away,” he says.

Fitness. Physical activity is a regular family activity. “I’ve lost some weight as a result,” Kleinsmith says. “I’m not sure my kilt fits anymore.”

Fun. If Kleinsmith looks familiar, it’s because he’s half of the duo featured in our entertaining and educational Myth-Busting video series, where we delve into misperceptions like “UltraTax CS is only for small firms” – found at