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Behind the Scenes: Creating Exceptional Experiences

CS Professional Suite, Our People January 8, 2016

Meet Randy Loughridge, senior manager of mobile app development and user experience at Thomson Reuters. He’s been with the company since 1998, moving through support and development positions until being named manager of mobile app development in 2010. In 2013, Randy added the user experience team to his responsibilities. He’s based in our Dexter, Mich., office.

Solutions: What does the work of the Thomson Reuters user experience team involve?

Randy Loughridge: A lot of aspects of user experience are things that our company has done for years, but we’re putting a bigger emphasis on it. Now we’re focusing more on what I would call user-centered design—understanding our users’ needs and problem-solving for them, and then providing a delightful user experience with our products.

Solutions: What goes into delivering that kind of experience?

Loughridge: As the teams here develop a new product, they engage with our user experience team so we can help validate their design and perform usability testing. It’s much better than focus groups at giving us a really good idea of the software improvements we need to make.

Solutions: How do mobile apps and user experience intersect?

Loughridge: Mobile is influencing a lot of what we’re doing with Thomson Reuters Onvio, our new cloud products. Instead of having separate mobile apps, everything is going to be delivered in multiple ways: on a laptop, on a tablet and on a native mobile app. Onvio will let us provide an interface on any platform in real time, allowing for even tighter integration.

Solutions: It sounds like an exciting time for you and your team.

Loughridge: The most fulfilling part of what we do is knowing that we provide solutions that help firms be more efficient in serving their clients. Onvio brings together a lot of things we’ve been dreaming about doing for years.

Work-Life Balance

DIY experience. Outside of work, Randy enjoys learning how to design and execute home improvements. “It’s not that different from what I do at work,” he says.

Family business. At work, Randy sits just 15 feet from his wife, Angie, who he met at Thomson Reuters. They have one son, Evan. “He doesn’t work here yet,” Randy says, “but maybe someday.”

Thinking ahead. Randy says his son inspires his work. “He’s 9, and he’s been on an iPad® from the start,” he explains. “The next generation is going to have different expectations for technology.”