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Behind the Scenes: The Write Stuff

CS Professional Suite, Our People June 11, 2015

Linda FletcherMeet Linda Fletcher, senior marketing writer and managing editor of Solutions magazine at Thomson Reuters. She joined the company in 2007 as a marketing writer and took the reins of Solutions a year later. Linda is based in our Dexter, Mich., office.

Solutions: Tell us about your work.

Linda Fletcher: I write marketing materials for the CS Professional Suite. Our writers work closely with Thomson Reuters product managers and subject matter experts, who we rely on to help us understand what we need to communicate about our products. We write the drafts, put the pieces out for review, edit, and send them to print and to be posted on the website. I also oversee and edit Solutions, which is designed to be an informational magazine for our customers.

Solutions: You make technical topics very accessible. What’s behind that?

Fletcher: One of our brand tenets is to give our communications a very human voice. I happen to be good at unpacking things so they sound approachable. We want everything to make sense even to someone who knows nothing about tax and accounting. It helps that everyone we feature in Solutions has such interesting stories. People tend to stereotype accountants as boring – well, I’m happy to tell you they’re anything but!

Solutions: Did you always want to be a writer?

Fletcher: Always. I learned to read at three, and wrote from the time I was old enough to scrawl on paper. I remember my parents constantly calling for me to get my nose out of whatever I was reading or writing and come do my chores. As an adult, I’ve always tried to work my way into jobs where I could write as much as possible, which usually steered me toward marketing.

Solutions: Do you write when you’re not at work?

Fletcher: Yes. I write fiction and have had a couple of personal essays published. I’ve also written two novel drafts I’d label as romantic women’s fiction. I’d love to see my books published one day, but I’ll keep writing even if they’re not because it’s what I love to do.

A Few of Her Favorite Things

At work: “I love our Dexter marketing team,” Fletcher says. “How can you not enjoy coming to work with such a brilliant, talented, friendly, and fun group of people every day?”

At play: Fletcher’s Twitter bio reads: “Writer. Knowledge-seeker. Enthusiastic reader. TV sci-fi fan. Child of the TV age. Lover of all things NYC and Disney. True believer in happily ever after.” Her favorite author – who inspired her to become a writer – is Maud Hart Lovelace, best known for the Betsy-Tacy series.

At home: Married since 1988, Fletcher and her husband, Larry, met on a blind date. “We spent most of the evening talking about Star Trek,” she says with a laugh. “Romantic, huh?”