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Understanding W-8BENs – A Foreign Perspective

W-8BENs have been around for just over 10 years and it has taken the select few that currently use them years of cumbersome administration – and some painful audit procedures – to truly understand how they need to be completed correctly. Now that we’ve finally grasped them, we are soon to be faced with not just one … Read More

Revised IRS Guidance: FATCA

Revised IRS Guidance: FATCA

FATCA Tax Withholding Phase-In Applies to Payments to Foreign Entities, in addition to Foreign Financial Institutions IRS Notice 2011-53, originally issued on July 14, was revised and reissued on July 25 to clarify that FATCA withholding will be phased in for payments to foreign entities, following the same extended schedule announced in the original Notice … Read More


Form W-9 (Request for Taxpayer Identification and Certification)

In January 2011, a revised Form W-9 replaced the 2007 version, which was in use at the time.  Requesters of payee tax ID information should only use the 2011 version for new solicitations. Prior solicitations that used the older form version do not have to be replaced. Form changes include additional checkboxes (for federal tax … Read More

Kansas:  Taxability of Digital Content for Use in an Online Video Game

Kansas: Taxability of Digital Content for Use in an Online Video Game

On June 16, 2011, the Kansas Department of Revenue issued a private letter ruling, P-2011-004, regarding whether certain digital products were subject to sales and use tax. The first issue addressed was the taxability of digital content purchased for use in an online video games.  The taxpayer sells access codes to individual customers that allows … Read More