EBIA Weekly Newsletter

Find Your Answers in the EBIA Compliance Library 

   August 9, 2018

EBIA has breadth and depth: We offer employee benefits resources on a broad range of topics and detailed expert analysis with examples, charts, practical tips, and sample documents. Here are highlights of recent updates to our ERISA and consumer-driven health care publications:

ERISA Compliance

  • Final Regulations on Association Health Plans. Final DOL regulations issued in June 2018 offer an alternative means by which a group or association of employers may offer health coverage for their employees and be treated as a single ERISA plan. The discussion of multiple employer welfare arrangements (MEWAs) has been reworked and updated to reflect the final regulations.
  • Bonding Requirements. The discussion of ERISA’s bonding requirements has been refreshed with new insights and practical advice from practicing attorneys.
  • ERISA Litigation. Recent case-law developments we’ve added cover a wide range of issues, including the enforceability of anti-assignment clauses, interference with benefits under ERISA § 510, and a case where “procedural unreasonableness” resulted in a court overturning a benefit denial under deferential review.

You may also be interested in our upcoming webinar “Wrap Documents and Bundled Plans: Pros, Cons & Logistics(live on 8/26/18).

Consumer-Driven Health Care

  • Consumer-Driven Health Care Basics. We have updated and refreshed the Short Course, which provides a simple guide to HSAs, HRAs, and other consumer-driven health care basics. The consumer-driven health care overview and discussion of cost-cutting plan designs have also been updated.
  • HSAs. Updates have been made for the 2019 HSA contribution limits, HDHP minimum deductibles, and HDHP out-of-pocket maximums. We also address the Fifth Circuit’s mandate vacating the DOL fiduciary rule.
  • HRAs. We have updated the discussion of laws other than the Code affecting HRAs. Highlights include an expanded discussion of how HIPAA’s provisions affect HRAs and an updated discussion of reporting, disclosure, and claim procedures.

You may also be interested in our upcoming webinar “Learning the Ropes: An Introduction to HRAs and HSAs(live on 8/29/18).