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Checkpoint Catalyst

Intuitive Search

Find the right results faster than ever before

Checkpoint Catalyst features Intuitive Search, a multi-layered approach that goes beyond keyword matching to understand and interpret what you’re really looking for in your search.

We’ve combined three key aspects of the search equation to ensure that the most applicable document to your search will show up at the top of your result list every time.

Intuitive search on Checkpoint. Find it. Faster. (2:36)

Search the Way You Think

Simply enter a terms and connectors, natural language, or citation search, and the enhanced search capability of Checkpoint Catalyst’s Intuitive Search will return the most relevant results for the terms you entered — no matter how you structure your search.

Easily Navigate Search Results

Our simplified results display makes it easy to skim and interpret results to get the most useful information quickly. We’ve enhanced our interface with a cleaner look and feel, resulting in minimal scrolling and fewer clicks. We also highlight keyword matches to make the strength of relevance easy to identify.

Source List Display

Source List Display flags sources with a green star to show they contain a result that is in the top 10 hits for relevancy. You can expand and collapse each source to see the three most relevant documents within — to quickly scan and select the best match for your research.

Triple-Powered Relevancy

  Technical Innovation

Checkpoint Catalyst Intuitive Search applies layers of analysis to filter, rank, and deliver the best results across all of your Checkpoint libraries with unprecedented levels of accuracy.

  Editorial Expertise

Checkpoint Catalyst Intuitive Search makes use of the cross references and “equivalency tables” created by our editorial experts to bring back documents related to your keywords. You won’t need to think about alternative search terms because we’ve already done it for you.

  User Behavior

Checkpoint Catalyst Intuitive Search uses built-in intelligence that continuously “learns” from user selections and preferences — getting smarter while you work.

Multi-Jurisdictional Analysis

Highlighting Federal, State and US International tax implications

State, Federal and U.S. International tax implications are covered as part of the main topic discussion, reducing the risk that something important could be missed and saving research steps.

The charts can be opened and closed from directly within this main content set, so you never have to leave the page you’re on. These embedded tools are a unique feature of the Checkpoint Catalyst library and help you zero-in on the state-related tax implications you need to know.

The Sales and Use Tax Treatment of Section 351 Exchanges is an example of an inline tool that will expand directly within your Checkpoint Catalyst Library.

Unparalleled Insights

The most trusted and relevant content delivered with key insights

Checkpoint Catalyst covers a wide range of tax topics and provides strategic insights, crafted by authoritative tax experts to give you all the right information at the right time.

With Checkpoint Catalyst, you’ll have the power to:

  • Form the most complete recommendation for your clients or company with related content that’s always presented in the context of the topic.
  • Identify potential risks with multi-jurisdictional content that highlights the state, federal and U.S. international tax implications on a topic.
  • Understand the logic behind the tax code with practical, real-life examples that are embedded throughout to help you take the next step.
  • Stay abreast of the latest tax news with our featured developments tool that includes relevant news articles displayed within the relevant topic or sub topic.

Embedded Workflow Tools

Helping you find answers fast and take action

Checkpoint Catalyst covers a wide range of tax topics and provides strategic insights, crafted by authoritative tax experts to give you all the right information at the right time.

You’ll save time and reduce frustration with the ability to make use of embedded tools such as document assembly, decision trees, and what-if scenarios that allow you to apply the rules to your particular situation.

After you have researched one business transaction, it will take less time to complete similar transactions in the future — put those time savings towards higher revenue-generating opportunities!

Context Panel

Bring content to life with our insight-packed Context Panel

Checkpoint Catalyst introduces an inventive Context Panel, an insight-rich sidebar on the right-hand side of your screen. The Context Panel brings the research content to life by providing relevant documents, sources, news and tools, and also allows for an easy navigation point.


State tax implications of a given tax issue can be immediately accessed by navigating an outline of the topic in the Context Panel.

Featured Developments

All the news you need on a topic, all in one place. Daily tax developments are included in the Context Panel so you can view developments directly in context to the topic you’re reviewing.


Tools and Practice Aids that are relevant to a topic can be used to immediately put your knowledge into practice.

Recommended Documents

Relevant journal articles and treatises from within your Checkpoint subscription are brought into view, providing easy access to multiple opinions and perspectives on a given topic.

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